Construction Projects

Periodically  I will have a tile setter bring me in onto construction projects or get a client whose project is more of a tile-setting job. Please note, I am not a professional tile setter.

Earthship Tile Work

I wasn’t sure whether this fit better in this section or Home Installation so I opted to beef this page up more. 

The client had all the materials to re-tile areas in the kitchen and bathroom of their earthship, but brought me in to do the work. The blue penny-round tiles harmonized nicely with the color of the adobe walls. For much of the project we ended up cutting sheeted tile down into single tile wide strips. 

It was truly a labor of love. And I got to hang out in an earthship this couple built themselves!

In the bathroom we incorporated river rocks that the client had collected for another project in the house. We also incorporated a nod toward the local mountain range in the area under the mirror.

For more information about Earthships, check this place out!

Vandenberg Hall Renovation, USAFA

When the Air Force Academy was renovating their oldest residence hall the job created some steep requirements.

  • reclaim tile that had been part of the original construction
  • mix the reclaimed tile with new tile sourced from the original manufacturer in Italy
  • template the tile to match the original tile pattern
  • tape-face the templated tile and provide to the tile setters

I developed processes for removing concrete from the original tile, washing the tile, and used a cleaning solution to remove any remaining concrete.

I also had to build template forms and create a scale-able system for expediting the sheeting of over 1,800 square feet of tile.

The tile in this project is a type of handmade glass product called smalti

I bid on this portion of the project before there was a tile setter on board. Tile installation was done by Rampart Tile Company on this job. I highly recommend them!

Center for Character and Leadership Development US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

The specs for this job called for a mix of blue smalti similar in color and pattern to that in the USAFA Fairchild Hall. 

New tile was sourced through the US Distributor for Mosaic dona Murano. The tile was 6 blues mixed to a specific ratio and laid randomly (from a color standpoint). The tile was templated and tape faced for ease of installation. 

Rampart Tile Company installed the tile on site.