Mosaic Commissions

My mosaic commission work has taken various forms: home installations, sculptures, school installations, and construction projects. Because of the breadth of mosaic materials and forms I can customize a project to fit a variety of spaces, budgets, and concepts.

Click the links below to see my work in these specific areas:

Art Commissions

These mosaic works have been designed and created according to the client's direction. They tend to be smaller works that are given as gifts or one-of-a-kind mementos. Most are mosaic wall art but that shouldn’t limit your ideas.

Home Installations

These pieces were commissioned by home owners to go into new construction or home remodeling projects. Project like these are priced by the square foot. Design and materials may add to the cost depending on the scope of the project. If you’re outside the Front Range area of Colorado your mosaic work will be fabricated so it can be shipped to your tile installer for installation.

Mosaic Sculptures

These mosaic art sculptures have been created for a specific client or fundraising event. With fundraisers I have little control over the type or style of base provided. But for my original mosaic sculptures I can fabricate the piece to fit most situations.

School Installations

Contact me about adding a customized mosaic to your school. Mosaic installations are priced by the square foot and can fit a wide range of budgets.

Construction Projects

From time to time tile setters will bring me in on construction projects working with a variety of tile (smalti, glazed porcelain tile) and patterns, like these: