Home Installations

These Home Installation pieces were commissioned by home owners to go into new construction or home remodeling projects. Project like these are priced by the square foot. Design and materials may add to the cost depending on the scope of the project.

If you’re outside the Front Range area of Colorado your mosaic work will be fabricated so it can be shipped to your tile installer for installation.

To commission your own project, you’ll find more information on the Your Commission page.

Fireplace Inserts

This outdoor fireplace had 2 spaces that were left vacant when it was built. The home owners decided this was the year they were going to fill them.

The work was designed according to their artistic preferences and worked in mosaic glass tile. 

The front of the fireplace has a Front Range (Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods) theme. The back, which is seen from the flower beds off the porch, is of a field of lupines.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Steam Shower Mural

The client wanted a large mural. In remodeling the master bathroom of their home they changed the cabinetry, floor, wall coverings, and put in a walk-in steam shower.

The final design incorporates a landscape from waterfront to mountain sunset. The water theme is prevalent throughout due to its shower-site installation. 

The work incorporates stained glass and mosaic glass tile and measures 4′ wide by 8′ tall.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Steamy Stove Surround

The idea for this piece was to add a glass mosaic tile backsplash as a focal point for the kitchen to harmonize with the open floor plan of the main living area. Because of its location, above the stove, the homeowners wanted a “steam” feeling. 

The work is created from mosaic glass tile, some with metallic inclusions and grouted the same color as the surrounding subway tiles.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Pegasus Door Window

The client wanted to replace the front door window on her property to reflect the street name–Pegasus Drive. I incorporated clear glass with blue mosaic glass using “glass on glass” mosaic techniques to create this design which incorporates the Pegasus and the constellation form.

The effect allows light to come through while lending a bit of privacy and pizzazz to the front door. The work was left ungrouted and the mosaic is encased between 2 panes of glass.

Location: Denver, CO

Geologists Entry Way

The owners of this new construction home are geologists. They wanted the entry way of their new home to reflect their work.

The final design incorporates satellite images from their company’s web site and ocean current maps, along with ideas from other antique maps. The corners of the piece reflect the home’s surroundings and area geological features. There are also 4 stainless steel tiles worked into the globe’s border which incorporate the actual compass points from the entryway’s location.

The piece is worked in unglazed porcelain tile and measures 4′ x 4′ square.

Location: Monument, CO